Omemu (2008) Food safety knowledge and practices of street food vendors in the city of Abeokuta, Nigeria

Abstract: A survey was carried out to determine food safety knowledge of street food vendors in Abeokuta. Data on demographics, food safety knowledge and practices was collected from 87 food vendors using a 67-questions standardized survey tool. Few vendors (12%) acquired the knowledge of food preparation by formal training. Only 31% of the respondents had the annual medical health certificate to indicate that they have carried out the recommended physical and medical examination. Volume and price are considered more than freshness and cleanliness when purchasing raw materials. Some of the food safety knowledge of the vendors could not be translated to practice due to the absence of basic facilities such as water and toilets at their vending sites. Training on hygiene and sanitation; provision of basic infrastructures and the establishment of code of practice for the street food industry is recommended.

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