Haryani et al. (2006), Incidence of Klebsiella pneumonia in street foods sold in Malaysia and their characterization by antibiotic resistance, plasmid profiling, and RAPD-PCR analysis

Abstract: A total of 78 samples of street foods from different states in Malaysia were examined for the presence of Klebsiella pneumonia. K. pneumonia contamination was recorded in 32% of the samples examined. The frequency of the K. pneumonia isolates containing plasmids was shown to be 48%. Susceptibility testing showed that all isolates were Continue reading

Das et al., (2010) Microbiological Quality of Street-Vended Indian Chaats Sold in Bangalore

Abstract: Microbial contamination of ready-to-eat foods and beverages sold by street vendors and hawkers has become a global health problem. Street vended chaats like panipuri and bhelpuri sold in almost all the cities throughout India are consumed by huge population of people. The present study was undertaken to investigate the microbiological quality of street foods like panipuri and bhelpuri sold in many parts of Bangalore, India. Eight different samples of these chaats were aseptically collected from four locations of Bangalore City. Continue reading