Wardrop (2006) Private Cooking, Public Eating: Women street vendors in South Durban

Abstract: The diverse cultural spaces of eThekwini (Durban), South Africa, reflect the accommodations and daily cultural negotiations made by the residents of a city whose demographies represent the complex inheritances of interactions between a long history of colonial segregation, nearly 50 years of formal apartheid policies, rapid modernisation, and global networks of migration, production and exchange. This article explores Continue reading

Omemu (2008) Food safety knowledge and practices of street food vendors in the city of Abeokuta, Nigeria

Abstract: A survey was carried out to determine food safety knowledge of street food vendors in Abeokuta. Data on demographics, food safety knowledge and practices was collected from 87 food vendors using a 67-questions standardized survey tool. Few vendors (12%) acquired the knowledge of food preparation by formal training. Only 31% of the respondents had the annual medical health certificate to indicate that they have carried out the recommended physical and medical examination. Continue reading

Chukuezi (2010) Food Safety and Hyienic Practices of Street Food Vendors in Owerri, Nigeria

Abstract: The paper examines the food safety and hygienic practices of street food
vendors in Owerri, Nigeria. It argues that although street foods play an important role
in meeting the food demands of urban dwellers, there are several health hazards
associated with them. Continue reading